Semi Commercial Series

Our semi commercial range are ideal for those wanting a more substantial, chunkier looking, aluminium frame with a relatively small increase in cost when compared to upgrading to full commercial frames.

Our Mid level range uses the Semi Commercial Select system and gives options for those wanting a more substantial aluminium frame than standard domestic windows with a relatively small increase in price when compared to upgrading to full commercial series frames. We often get customers referring to a "more chunkier" look that they are after, semi commercial is the cost effective answer.

We can offer a wide range including:


Sliding Windows

Dynamic Windows’ Select classic designed sliding windows combine wide views and easy operation.

Sliding windows have at least one sash sliding horizontally providing fully adjustable ventilation for greater energy efficiency and comfort. The low force sliding system provides a smooth and quiet operation that requires little maintenance.

The sliding window is a reliable choice for design flexibility and can be combined with fixed panels. Our sliding windows will enhance your building’s characteristics.

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Awning and Casement Windows

Dynamic Windows Select casement and awning windows are ideal for use with fixed windows and provide a stylish option to suit the traditional or contemporary home.

Awning windows are hinged from the top opening outward, letting air circulate freely. Tending to operate in reverse, the awning lets out more air than it lets in, which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications.

The large glass areas provide unobstructed views and bathe your rooms in natural light. A substantial yet architectural feel is achieved by recessing the operable sash within the 100mm framing system.

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Sliding and Stacker Doors

With its modern look and versatility, Semi Commercial Select sliding and stacker doors are suitable for most designs and applications. It brings natural light and a sense of space into any room with its large glass areas and clean, uncluttered lines.

Through its wide opening, the sliding and stacker doors can open the interior of the home to the outside making it ideal for patios, balconies, courtyards and sundecks.

It also comes in 90 Degree Corner Stacking option as well as Cavity Stacking for the total opening option!

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Bi-Fold Doors

The Semi Commercial Select bi-fold door creates a moving glass wall that opens the interior of the home to the outside, providing unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation. The bi-fold door is ideal for entertaining areas.

A choice of left or right opening directions allows the selection of a layout to suit your home, and a single entry door can be added for quick access and day-to-day use.

As an alternative the bi-fold door can be used internally as well as externally in your home. The outboard track system allows easy cleaning and the low force sliding system provides maximum performance.

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Entry Door Frames

With flexibility in design and opening arrangements, the Semi Commercial Select entry door frame offers you control over the final presentation of your entrance way.

You can also choose from a variety of styles of hinged aluminium doors to suit the entry door frame. Using side lights, high lights and an aluminium glass door with an entry door frame, your entrance way will become a feature of your home.



Double Hung Windows

With a top and bottom hung sash, Semi Commercial Select double hung window provides superior climate control performance, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together.

Being a Sashless frame it combines beautiful views without intrusive sightlines. It is also able to be single or double glazed without effecting operation effort as it is counter balanced.

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French and Hinged Doors

French or hinged doors are a great option if interior wall space is limited. Dynamic Windows offer a wide range of inspired design options for the ever popular French door suite. Whether you select traditional colonial bars or clear panels, the French door is an elegant and practical way to open up your living area and allow wide access to a courtyard, garden or patio.

Adding to the versatility of this product is the ability to combine Louvre, double hung or fixed light windows as decorative side lights, further enhancing the design features. Combined with an aluminium entry door frame, various glass designs and side lights or high lights, hinged doors can become a unique feature in your home.

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Louvre Windows

Dynamic Windows Louvre windows give you access to cool summer breezes or a whisper of air, bringing an inspiring point of difference to the design of your home.

Compared to other window designs, Louvre allow the greatest flow of air when fully opened. By changing the pitch of the Louvre, the air is able to be varied with complete control and energy efficiency.

Louvre windows are ideal for use with French doors or fixed light windows.


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